How to Make a Donation

It is our desire to make no financial demands or stipulations of the churches and students to whom we travel and serve, but to come solely on a love‐offering basis. Therefore, without your additional support, the work of this ministry would not be possible.

When you donate to Frontlines Ministries, you are making a spiritual investment in the souls of those who will hear God’s truth through Darren’s preaching and teaching. Please prayerfully consider what God might ask you to give so we can continue to share God’s Eternal Word in the communities to which He sends us. We do ask that any support you send be over and above the tithe to your local church. And rest assured that whatever you send will be stretched as far as possible.

Thank you for your support!

Frontlines Ministries, Inc. is registered with the Secretary of the State of Texas and the Internal Revenue Service as a Tax Exempt Non‐Profit 501(c)(3) Organization. All donations to this ministry are 100% tax‐deductible.