Testimonials — What Others Say about Frontlines Ministries


I needed the Holy Spirit and Darren Ely to awaken my soul. God sent you into my life and for that I am grateful.” – B. C., Cedar Park, Texas

You’re serious about God, serious about His Word, serious about getting people to heaven, and serious about getting them out of hell, because you know the stakes are high. Thanks so much for the encouragement you have been to me.” – D. J., Fort Mill, South Carolina

The fact I am living halfway around the world is certainly due in part to your influence on my life. You continually pushed me to think in terms of eternity and thus made me more like Christ in that respect.” – B. M., East Asia

Darren, the manner in which God used you to speak truth into my life was more than a blessing… it was a miracle!…I really believe in your ministry because I have seen in my own life, not to mention the life of my brother and many others, that God is using you.” – S. T., Nolay, Afghanistan

When [our son] went away to university, we were not sure what would result from it, since he had gone through a very confusing time in high school just before going off to school. He fell in with Darren, and became the firebrand that he is today. I praise God for the influence Darren had on him.” – K. H., Corpus Christi, Texas

You have really done more for me in my life than any one may ever know…May God give you 50 more years of kicking the devil’s butt and bringing the kingdom of God here.” – E. L., College Station, Texas

You have shared not only the gospel with me, but your own life too… I know that I have many instructors in the faith, but not many fathers—no doubt you have been (and are) one of the few that I can call and look to as my father. You have taught and modeled for me to love Him, to fear Him, to be zealous, to be servant‐hearted, to love and give yourself for the church, to uncompromisingly stand on His Word, and to not be a faker.” – K. C., Louisville, Kentucky

When I was a very young lady, Darren’s passion for the Lord played a huge part in convicting me of my apathy. I found his excitement over the things of God to be contagious, and it reached me at a critical time in my walk.” – E. B., Bryan, Texas

I appreciate all the time we spent together reading the Bible and systematic theology, and the way you challenged me to memorize scripture and pray and to live for God. It continues to mean a great deal to me that you poured into me the way you did.” – S. R., Houston, Texas

I have seen that I need to have the same passion for Christ and desire to share the message of reconciliation with others as you did.” – G. W., Youngstown, Ohio

I love your zeal for discipleship! It’s a blessing to see a man your age so willing to give of himself and of his time for the building up and training of the saints for the work of the ministry. I remember how quick you were to invite me to Mexico after the first time of talking with you…You make an impact upon my life and are a great blessing to me.” – M. M., Bryan, Texas

He used you to nurture my gifts during a crucial time in my life, and many of the things you shared with me will stick with me for the rest of my life.” – R. W., East Asia

It is amazing to look back on how a short conversation after a BYX Island Party would lead to a friendship that would so deeply impact my life and relationship with Jesus…Thank you for sharing both the gospel of God and your own self with me and my family. We are forever changed because of your love for Jesus.” – S. K., Plano, Texas

You are truly following the Master’s plan of evangelism by discipling men. I pray you’ll keep it up as long as your youth and good looks hold up.” – H. A., College Station, Texas

Your passion and commitment to students has been branded in my brain and I believe God has used your life as an imitable expression of obeying Jesus’ command for us to ‘make disciples’…I have used your advice [about] making teaching opportunities from every day experiences. For instance, inviting a youth over to my house when I am changing my motor oil or something, just so I can get a chance to talk with them and hear about their lives and look for opportunities to instruct them in Christ’s commands and living a Christian life.” – J. W., Choctaw, Oklahoma

He has encouraged me in so many ways and spurred me on in my walk with Christ…He not only preaches it, but he truly lives it!” – B. M., Eagle Pass, Texas

I am glad that you fulfill the great commission by making disciples and teaching us to observe all that the Lord has commanded…Your work is not in vain.” – R. N., Bryan, Texas

I appreciate the time that you spent to get me grounded in the Word of God, and modeling the love of Jesus on a daily basis.” – J. M. D., Houston, Texas

We praise God for giving you a heart for the lost, and for discipleship! We have never spent a moment with you when our thoughts were not brought back to some aspect about our awesome God and His will for holy living!” – S. C., El Paso, Texas